The registration to obtain the results for Arabic School Candidate Selection Examination for 2020 will be opened, starting on 14th of November through the Short Message Services, SMS.

According to the press release by the Ministry of Religious Affairs through Examination Section, Islamic Studies Department as Brunei Religious Education Examination Board of Secretariat with the cooperation of Info-Technology Section, examination candidates, parents or guardians who wish to subscribe the SMS services are firstly required to register whether through online or SMS via mobile phone. Registration is free and subscribers can make registration starting TOMORROW at 3 in the afternoon.

Online registration can be made at the Ministry of Religious Affairs' website at ''. While registration via SMS can be made by typing;


And send to 8885555 for DST subscriber or 38666 for PCSB. Successful registration will be announced to subscribers via SMS without charged. SMS examination result will only be send to registered subscribers after the examination result had been released. Subscriber will be charged ONE DOLLAR for every SMS Examination result received.

Any inquiry and further information on the registration method as well as the term and regulation for the services, the public can contact Mach Telecommunications System Sendirian Berhad via e-mail ''.

Source: Radio Television Brunei