A local woman was fined one thousand 500 dollars by the Bandar Seri Begawan Magistrates Court or 2 months imprisonment in default for an offence of theft in building. According to the Traffic and Criminal Investigation Officer at the Berakas Police Station, the accused was found guilty for stealing a purse from a victim at one of the shops at Rimba Point. The accused was given until the 11th of next month to settle the fine.

According Probational Police Inspector Nur Aimi Bazilah Binti Haji Ramli, Traffic and Criminal Investigation Officer, Berakas Police Station, the incident occurred on the 8th of this month while the victim was packing up her sales products at her workplace. The victim found that her purse containing her personal documents and 460 dollars in cash in her handbag was missing. Realising the theft, the victim immediately reported it to the Bandar Seri Begawan Central Police Station and acting on the information given, an investigation was conducted resulting in the apprehension of 31 year old Dayangku Fartina binti Pengiran Metussin, who was an employee in a private company.

Source: Radio Television Brunei