The Public Service Commission is currently implementing a new recruitment system, namely Public Service Commission Recruitment 2.0, PSCR 2.0 to replace the Public Service Commission Recruitment system currently being used. The objective of the system is to facilitate the application and filling of vacancies in the Public Service sector more effectively, efficiently and interactively.


In this regard, all job seekers are requested to provide copies of qualification certificates and relevant documents in the form of PDF FILE. It is in preparation for users of the system to upload the required documents into the PSCR 2.0 system which will start operating on the 7th of September, 2021. Certificates of qualifications and documents available in the system at this time can also be re-uploaded into the new system later.


The procedure for completing the profile can be referred to the ‘Guidelines’ section of the portal or the official social media Instagram, Facebook and Telegram PSC.BN or contact the WhatsApp line 737 1961 during working hours or Talian Darussalam 123. All users are also required to complete their respective profiles within one week after the system being operational before the first ad is released via PSCR 2.0.





Source: Radio Television Brunei

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