The Ministry of Education targets at least 79 percent of students to achieve Grade A to Grade C in this year’s PSR Examination. Over 6 thousand 600 pupils from government and non-government primary schools and Arabic Schools throughout the country will sit for the PSR Examination which will begin on the 22nd of October.

Towards achieving the target, the Ministry of Education is implementing several initiatives. It is focusing on five main aspects: leadership, teaching and learning; attendance and social factor, accountability and performance-management, as well as cross-cutting enablers. All these aspects are to move simultaneously in order to enforce the effectiveness of the efforts to improve the students’ performance and achievement. The target is in line with the Titah of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam that emphasised on the students’ target achievement of at least 90 percent with Grades A to C in the PSR by 2017.

Towards achieving the PSR target, school authorities, particularly school leaders and teachers are arranging various strategies in an effort to further strengthen the students’ performance. These include conducting extra classes on school days and every Friday since the beginning of this year, and ensuring that the teaching and learning sessions in the classes are run effectively. Dayang Hazibah binti Haji Abdul Manan, Head Teacher of Binturan Primary School, Tutong, Cluster Two, said the school has two Special Programmes called 3B – Berkarih or Willingness, Berjarih or Hardwork and Belurih or Achieve. This programme helps Year 6 students to be prepared for the PSR Examination.

Various literacy and numeracy enhancement initiatives are being carried out including assessments for the student’s development. Among them are holding tests in every two months called Check Point Assessments, CPA, to monitor the study level of the students towards achieving the target.

Source: Radio Television Brunei