The duty of educating children is not easy and taken lightly. This is because the education provided by parents or guardians at the early stage is the determiner of their future direction and design, especially in these modern times filled with various challenges. Yesterday's Friday Sermon titled, Parents and Guardians Responsibilities Towards Children, shared that there are several effective ways to educate children. Among them, is education through examples, education through advice and education through observation and control.

The imam or prayer leader said that parents or guardians should not take lightly, neglect or be careless in fulfilling their rights and responsibilities towards their children. This is because if they are careless and less observant of their children's behaviour, they will be influenced by negative elements or immoral activities which transgress against Islam, which is pure. It also goes against the traditions, courtesy as well as the country's laws. A proper and balanced education between the world and the hereafter is vital to be provided to our children as without knowledge, we cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Apart from that, parents or guardians, we should always be observant and pay attention to our children either from the emotional, mental or physical aspects.

Source: Radio Television Brunei