112 Cub Scouts which includes officers, instructors, Co-curriculum Education Department Staff (J.P.K.K), leaders and supervisors from 12 government and private schools took part in the One Day Cub Scout Programme 2019. The programme ended yesterday afternoon with a Closing ceremony and certificate presentation to the participants.

Certificates was presented by Awang Mohammad Norilham bin Haji Jais, Assistant Director of Co-Curriculum Education, Co-Curriculum Education Department. Held during the 2nd School holiday the programme was organized by the department in collaboration with the Cub Scouts Team.

Earlier in the morning, participants took part in several activities which includes washing, cloth folding, ironing and cooking. In line with the Cub Scouts slogan and laws to always be unselfish and offering helping hand, the programme aims to develop the children’s character in holistic education as an early step in developing quality individual through Cub Scouts programme.

Source: Radio Television Brunei