The roadshow on the new scheme for Penghulu Mukim and Ketua Kampung continued in Temburong District this morning at the Main Hall of the Civic Centre in Bangar Town. The roadshow is meant to publicise Penghulu Mukim and Ketua-Ketua Kampung vacancies which will be open until the 31st of this month.

The briefing was conducted by Awang Mohammad Khairul Shahrul bin Haji Duahim, the Acting Temburong District Officer, Senior Officers of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Officers of Temburong District Office. Apart from providing information on the scheme, the session also highlighted the vital criteria for Mukim and village leaders which include broad knowledge on Islam, community affairs, customs and protocols as well as being caring and attentive towards the villagers’ needs.

Presently the Temburong District has six vacancies for the post of Ketua Kampung or Village Chief at Kampung Belais and Buda-Buda, Mukim Bokok; Kampung Belingos, Mukim Bangar; Kampung Menengah, Mukim Bangar; Kampung Selangan, Parit and Biang Menengah, Mukim Amo; Kampung Batu Apoi, Mukim Batu Apoi and Kampung Tanjung Bungar, Mukim Batu Apoi. Villagers who wish to submit nominations for the said villages can obtain nomination forms at Temburong District Office. The completed forms should be returned not later than 31st October 2018.

Source: Radio Television Brunei