New Feature in BruHealth Application

The Ministry of Health is launching the Health Index feature and the Risk Assessment feature in the BruHealth application. This Health Index feature is an initiative to produce an overall health score specific to each individual based on several medical parameters and health risk factor screening. The matter was also shared by the Minister of Health at a similar media conference. Yang Berhormat further explained that the screening for health risk factors uses a validated screening questionnaire and includes parameters related to mental health, nutrition, physical activity and tobacco use. It is hoped that this new feature will help the public to be more aware of the lifestyle risk factors that can contribute to non-communicable diseases and mental health disorders, and therefore, encourage people to take early steps to deal with the problems.


Specifically for the Health Index feature, a pilot study will start yesterday and will run for a month. This study will involve 120 individuals who will receive invitation via notification through their respective BruHealth applications to participate in the study. Those who received this invitation notification are welcome to complete the Health Index in the BruHealth application to enable the Ministry of Health to evaluate this new feature. From here on, this feature will be improved and updated before it is fully launched for public use. Meanwhile, the Risk Assessment feature launched in the BruHealth application aims to provide easy access to the public to assess the risk of certain diseases and make an appointment to participate in the National Health Screening Program, NHSP provided by the Ministry of Health.



Source: Radio Television Brunei