A total of 27 Qari and 3 Qariah will represent the Brunei Muara District at the National Al-Quran Reading Competition quarter finals for adults. The selection was made at a 2-day competition that ended in the afternoon with a prize presentation to winners for zones One, Two and Three of the Brunei Muara District.

Prizes were presented by Awang Misle bin Haji Abdul Karim, the Acting Brunei Muara District Officer. This year, 65 Qari and Qariah took part in the Adults Al-Quran Reading Competition at the Zone and District Level for Brunei Muara District. The competition, which was conducted by the Imarah Section with the cooperation of the Brunei Muara Mosque Affairs Department and the Mohamed Bolkiah Mosque Takmir Committee, aimed to enhance the quality of Al-Quran reading apart from scouting for new talents in the art of reading the Quran.

Source: Radio Television Brunei