The public's awareness in the country on prioritising cleanliness specifically the surrounding areas is important to avoid mosquito borne diseases. Even though there are no cases of Zika virus infections reported in the country, precautionary measures to prevent the virus infection have been carried out.

Yesterday Al-Barakah 50 Neighbourhood, held a cleaning campaign at Simpang 50 Jalan Kamangsi Timur, Meragang National Housing Scheme area. In an interview RTB, the residents said such campaign not only to keep the surrounding clean but also to avoid infected diseases.


The cleaning campaign was one of the projects under Al- Barakah 50 which also aimed to enliven voluntary activities which is a culture and practice of the Brunei society so it would not be forgotten in the tide of modernity and that these culture should be exposed to the current and future generations.

Source: Radio Television Brunei News.