The public is reminded to increase their awareness on their vehicles, among them by not making any vehicle modifications either from the aspects of design and internal system differing from the original specifications. This is following the increase in vehicular fires nowadays and should be taken seriously towards tackling and reducing the occurrence of such incidences. Throughout the past five months, 41 calls for vehicular fires were received by the Fire and Rescue Department involving an estimated loss of one hundred and 19 thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. This was shared this morning at the media conference with the Land Transport Department, JPD, Fire and Rescue Department and Royal Brunei and Police Department to remind the public in particular vehicle owners and drivers as well as relevant parties on increasing awareness.


The Director of Land Transport advised the public not to make modifications on the vehicles’ electronic wiring system or engine in an improper manner or to get the services of a qualified mechanic, as well as maintain the vehicle especially the engine and internal systems according to the schedule and procedures. Workshop owners are also reminded to always provide proper vehicle maintenance services and prioritise safety. Awang Haji Rozaly bin Haji Saidon also reminded vehicle owners not to use low quality spare parts or incompatible with the vehicle model. The Land Transport Department and other enforcement agencies such as the Fire and Rescue Department as well as the Royal Brunei Police Force will continue to monitor the cases of vehicular fires in the country. Efforts are also being made to carry out random inspections at relevant companies and workshop premises in collaboration with the relevant agencies. This is to ensure that the regulations and standards are adhered to. The Land Transport Department and law enforcement agencies will not hesitate to take strict action against any individuals or workshops that have carried out offences.


Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Pengiran Haji Salam bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Ghani, Acting Director of Traffic Control and Investigation Department, Royal Brunei Police Force, stressed that every driver must be more attentive in ensuring the vehicle to be driven is always in a safe condition. He added that road accidents can not only cause damages to property but also loss of lives and injuries, not only to the driver or passengers but also to other road users. Vehicular accidents can also cause fires to the vehicle especially after a crash due to speeding which can cause leaks or sparks in the engine component.


Fire and Rescue Superintendent Pengiran Haji Asmali bin Pengiran Haji Ahmad, Head of Vehicle, engineering and Technical, Fire and Rescue Department, meanwhile shared that the main cause of vehicular fires is due to electrical problems in the car, mechanical problems such as oil hose leaks, as well as human error. Thus the public need to be more aware on fire safety aspects to prevent vehicular fires or accidents. Vehicle owners are also advised to keep ‘Dry Chemical Powder’ fire extinguisher in their vehicles and to stop any modifications on the original vehicle design. They should also not make any modifications to the electronic wiring system and any repairs should be made in accordance to the original specifications as well as engine capacity, ensure inspections made on the electrical wiring system, engine and fuel system as well as mechanical equipment is carried out by a qualified mechanic. This is aimed at detecting any damages or leaks in the vehicle and to always take precautionary measures in obtaining spare parts so that it is suitable and safe as well as approved for use.



Any complaints regarding modifications to the vehicle’s original design or to the wiring system not according to specifications, can be directed to Talian Darussalam 123 or through WhatsApp Talian Darussalam +6738333123 or go to the Talian Darussalam website and to include a photo of the vehicle.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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