Maintaining manners and etiquette during socialisation are among the ways to perpetuate harmony in the family, society and the country. Adorning oneself with good and noble morals is highly encouraged by Islam to maintain good relations within the society. This was among the content of yesterday's Friday Prayer titled 'Menjaga Adab, Etika dan Tingkah Laku Dalam Pergaulan.'

According to the Imam or prayer leader, one must always mind their words and avoid actions that can damage good relations between family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and others. Saying anything that is impolite or indecent either during conversation or even in jest that can cause a person, either a man or a woman to become uncomfortable or offended is counted as an act of oral sexual harassment. It should be noted that legal actions can be taken against sexual harassment. Hence, the Muslim ummah must avoid such malice. This is inline with the 'Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar' concept as a way to prevent malice or vice that can be offensive or harmful to people.

Source: Radio Television Brunei