HAMBURG, Germany and ISTANBUL, March 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Law firm Gurol Law Firm, acting on behalf of their client Engin Yakut, a Turkish lawyer and businessman, have announced today that a trial against Land Rover has been set for 17 September 2015 in Istanbul.

The Turkish courts have sent this legal notification to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which in turn has notified its embassy in London as Land Rover is a UK-based company.

Engin Yakut is being represented by the lawyer Candas Gurol of Gurol Law Firm. In addition to lodging his complaint with the courts, he has also taken his case to the European Union, the European Commission, the Directive of Consumer Rights of the European Commission, and the European Organisation for Quality.

If Engin Yakut wins this case, he will have the right to file a "recognition and enforcement" lawsuit for recalling all the engines worldwide.

Engin Yakut has been campaigning for a trial since February 2012 and a date has finally been set for 17 September in Istanbul.

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