Young entrepreneurs can play a vital role in developing the agriculture industry which is needed for the country’s future economic growth. A youth in Temburong District, Awang Muhammad Danial Radhi bin Kenaddy, responded to such a challenge by establishing his own company as a supplier of free-range and broiler chickens. Yesterday morning, Muhammad Danial took it one step further with the launching of his farm, Ladang Ternakan Ayam dan Kambing Gunung Mutiara Agrotech located in Kampung Selangan.

The launch was officiated by Awang Abdul Ghani bin Haji Othman, Acting Temburong District Officer, together with Awang Muhammad Danial Radhi and Denis Ho Mun Tai, Director of Politeknik Brunei. The launch itiunerary included a mini exhibition, a visit around the livestock farm and a halal slaughtering demonstration by Awang Shabirin bin Orang Kaya Kaya Haji Noordin from Birin Marketing.

Awang Muhammad Danial Radhi, aged 19 who is also the managing director of Gunung Mutiara Agrotech Farm began his enterprise on a plot of land of about 2 hectares. He is final year Politeknik Brunei student undertaking a Diploma in entrepreneurship which covers the basic tenets of business and management in entrepreneurship specifically.

Starting out with a few hundred chickens, the farm’s production has now increased to one thousand five hundred chickens. Gunung Mutiara Agrotech focuses on the production of quality free-range and broiler chickens by using the free-range method. The system is one of the methods to stimulate chicken growth naturally. The mission of Gunung Mutiara Agrotech is to prepare and provide employment opportunities for locals specifically graduates from education institutions in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei