The field of health plays a vital role in upholding the happiness and well-being of the family institution. Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Doktor Haji Mohammad Isham bin Haji Jaafar, Minister of Health in an interview said that a loving family will prioritise the health of family members as a foundation to well-being and happiness. According to Yang Berhormat, a family that is healthy from the spiritual and physical aspects will be able to achieve prosperity and overcome any challenges. In maintaining health, Yang Berhormat stressed that a family must be sensitive to health issues including making a culture of the healthy lifestyle practice and avoiding activities that will jeopardise health such as smoking and drug abuse.

The Minister of Health said that in making a culture of the healthy lifestyle, a family can carry out physical activities consistently through recreation with the family daily and on the weekends at places such as Bandarku Ceria and recreation parks. Apart from that, conducting physical activities in their own house compounds such as cleaning the house surroundings can also enhance the family’s health as well as contribute to the cleanliness of the neighbourhood and environment. From the aspect of nutrition, the family can together practice a healthy diet by preparing foods that are less oily, using less fat, sugar and salt as well as selecting food that are much healthier in comparison to eating out. The practise of mass fardhu prayers and frequent discussions can maintain the spiritual and mental health aside from strengthening relations amongst the family members. Healthy activities carried out with the family can also prevent family members from being exposed to or influenced by negative elements that will bring loss and jeopardise their health and future.

Source: Radio Television Brunei