A Teacher is like the engineer or the mastermind of the country’s future leaders. The teacher’s services in educating the nation’s young are as important as that of the parents in bringing up their children. To appreciate their services and dedication, the 23rd September has been designated as Teacher’s Day. The celebration is intended to inspire and motivate teachers to be more committed towards producing a generation with a vision.

Teacher’s Day can be seen as a token of appreciation to all teachers for their valuable contributions to the development and growth of human resources. Teaching the nation sincerely with full commitment should be praised as well as supported as a way towards improving the quality education in the country. With the theme ‘Guru Bijaksana Pembina Generasi Berwawasan’, or “A Wise Teacher, The Builder of A Visionary Generation” the teacher’s day celebration this year gives the meaning that educators should possess high intellectuality and integrity in polishing the thinking and personal skills of students as to produce a visionary and independent generation.

To see the significance and importance of a teacher’s role to the community, nation and country, a teacher should be given recognition, respected and loved. It is hoped Teacher’s Day celebration will become a platform to cherish and appreciate their services as the pioneers and motivators of the nation’s success.

Source: Radio Television Brunei