The 4th session of the Halaqah Syariah prayer guidance in conjunction with the Isra’ Mi’raj celebration continued at several mosques in the country, 2nd April night. It was organised by Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB, through the Syariah Faculty.


In the Brunei Muara District, the session was held at Setia Ali Mosque in Muara Town. The talk was delivered by Doctor Haji Adnan bin Haji Basar, Ra’es of KUPU SB. In the talk, he among others explained about the importance of prayer in life.  Apart from that, a demonstration of prayer methods was also held.


Meanwhile in the Tutong District, the session took place at Kampung Birau Mosque. The talk was delivered by Awang Haji Mohd Azmi bin Haji Omar Director of the KUPU SB Ahli Sunnah Waljama’ah Understanding Studies Centre. The talk among other things touched on several sunat or commendable recitations and approaches for concentration during prayer.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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