STAVANGER, Norway, Oct. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — GM Academy, Global Maritime’s competence and development arena, hosted its very first Lunch & Learn Seminar in Stavanger this week. The aim of the event was to present and share competence on how to improve operations of Semisubmersible platforms for production and for mobile units; focusing on weight optimizations, wind tunnel testing and risk reductions.


Attendees gave positive feedback following the event. One of Global Maritime’s key customers present at the seminar said the following: "So many things are happening in the industry, and also within technology. No one manages to keep themselves updated on everything at all times. It is therefore of great value to come to these types of events, and have the most important updates summarized for us.  I particularly liked the concept study presented on VDL (variable deck load), which is totally new for me, and something I would like to hear more about. It was also interesting to hear about efficient project management and planning. I would very much like to attend the next one also."

GM Academy Manager, Nicolas Grund Kristensen says: "Overall the event went very well. We are now rolling this out to other locations as well as continuing with more seminars in Norway. People who are interested in attending, or to hear more about topics or dates, can contact us:"

About the GM Academy:
GM Academy’s mission is to develop and increase the competence level of Global Maritime employees, and its customers. By utilizing top minds of the industry to train, coach and support the complex operations of the maritime industry, the GM Academy will help ensure safe, efficient and innovative operations.

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Lunch & Learn at Global Maritime 21.10.2014 (Global Maritime.)

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