The month of Ramadhan is the best time to educate our soul and spirit towards goodness and to get closer to Allah SWT by performing sunat or commendable religious acts such as having Sahur, giving sadaqah, performing Sunat Tarawih prayers, Reading Al-Quran and feeding fasting people. The matter was among the content of today’s Friday sermon titled ‘Memanfaatkan Bulan Ramadan Dengan Ibadat’ or Taking Advantages of Ramadhan by acts of Worship. The friday sermon also touched on the obligation of paying zakat fitrah.


The Imam or prayer leader reminded that Ramadhan is a month full of blessings and rewards. Fasting in Ramadhan is not confined to staying away from foods, drinks and lust during the daytime. Firstly, having sahur or pre-dawn meal is commendable for Muslims, especially during Ramadhan. The time for having Sahur meal is between midnight and the time for imsak or pre-dawn. It is absolutely for gaining strength to perform the obligatory fast during daytime. Secondly, enhancing the practise of giving sadaqah or alms no matter how small or large is very encouraged in Islam specifically in this holy month. Such act will enable one to alleviate the burden of those who are in need. Thirdly, performing mass Sunat Tarawih prayers at mosques, suraus and religious halls to further enliven the nights of the holy month of Ramadhan. Fourthly, reading Al-Quran as Ramadhan is the month of Al-Quran. Muslims are urged to enhance practice of Al-Quran reading throughout the month. Fifthly, feeding the fasting people.


The Prayer Leader also reminded that it is obligatory for every eligible Muslim to pay the zakat or tithe during Ramadhan. The obligatory payment of tithes promises special rewards and brings blessings to the Muslim ummah in particular. Apart from instilling the sense of brotherhood and love between the well-off and the poor, paying the zakat can prevent oneself from becoming selfish and self-centred.




Source: Radio Television Brunei


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