‚ÄčIslam is a complete religion that encompasses all aspects of life, including cleanliness. Maintaining both spiritual and physical cleanliness is very important because they cannot be separated. This is because spiritual and physical cleanliness symbolises the strength of a person’s faith in Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. The matters as raised in the Friday sermon titled, “Membudayakan Amalan Kebersihan Dalam Kehidupan” or “Enculturing The Practice of Cleanliness in Life”.


In the Khutbah or sermon, the Imam or prayer leader said cleanliness must be practised in all aspects that involve the individual, family, community and country. This is because by maintaining and enculturing cleanliness, people can enjoy life and a calm and clean atmosphere as well as clean air and freedom from diseases. Islam also stresses spiritual cleanliness, especially purifying the heart by avoiding anger, envy, vanity, boasting and other bad behaviours. These cannot be avoided without any effort to clean the heart or soul because the heart is the source of all evils. The prayer leader said make cleanliness a daily practice that covers personal life, home, mosques and public places. This is also very important especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when cleanliness and safety are essential aspects in life. The Imam added enculturing cleanliness should start from home where parents and guardians have the obligation to teach the family about the cleanliness aspect.  Families who practice cleanliness will in turn create a community and nation that give priority to cleanliness.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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