BERLIN, Oct. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solutions Co., Ltd. (FITSCO) displayed its self-designed JeRail® CBTC urban rail transit signaling system at the world largest rail transit industry exhibition — InnoTrans 2014, which is the tenth of this fair in Berlin from Sept. 23th to 26th.

FITSCO's stand at InnoTrans 2014

FITSCO’s stand at InnoTrans 2014

JeRail® CBTC system adopts a modular design, and with its high flexibility and applicability, the interface with different systems, equipment and vehicles can be flexibly configured according to user’s special needs and particular environment. All the subsystems apply highly integrated and low power controllers of research and development, which greatly reduces the overall energy consumption of the whole system. JeRail® CBTC system also supports multi-train off-peak start to reduce the contact line burden, and the professional and systematic anti-interference design on the train-wayside wireless network provides it with strong immunity from interference.

The JeTramTM Signaling system solution displays main switch control, priority at the crossing area, dispatching management of vehicle operating and depot interlock function. FITSCO’s self-developed Passenger All Information System (PAIS) integrates PIS and PA for satisflying passengers, serving passengers, and managing passengers on the same platform. Meanwhile, FITSCO provided the "Mobile Information System (MIS)" service for the Huai’an tram project recently.

During the exhibition, among a series of activities of "China Pavilion Day," which was sponsored by the China Association of Metros, FITSCO has received JeRail® CBTC SIL4 certification (the highest level for safety integrity) issued by TUV Rheinland. This means after ATS SIL2 certification, ATP controller SIL4 certification, CBI -200product SIL4 certification, ZC-100 and OBCU-100 SIL4 certification, FITSCO finally completed its R&D work of JeRail® CBTC and put it into a new commercial stage.

Dr. Thomas Aubel, executive vice president of TUV Rheinland Group for Mobility, said, " With the successful completion of the entire CBTC independent safety assessment process, it is very safe to say that FITSCO has an International passport to sell their product nationwide and even worldwide! This is indeed a milestone achievement, not only to FITSCO themselves, but to the entire Chinese rail signaling industry."


Shanghai Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solutions Co., Ltd. (FITSCO), founded in early 2012, is formerly known as Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell TSD, which has focused on research, production and service of signaling and communication of urban rail transit, modern tram and providing the comprehensive solutions for completed signaling and communication system integration.

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