​The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics, Ministry of Finance and Economy is currently conducting the first stage of the Population and Housing Census, BPP 2021 namely houselisting, and is scheduled to be completed on the 21st of February.


In a press release, the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics said the first stage involved houselisting at all districts. Census officers will visit houses to collect data such as name, identity card number, date of birth, and phone number for head of families and each household member. Census officers will also affix a sticker to each house.


The BPP 2021 involves Brunei Darussalam citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents, and is conducted under the Census Act, Chapter 78.


Under the Act, it is compulsory for the public to answer all questions, and ensures that individual information is kept confidential. Failure to give cooperation or provide the required information is an offence, and is liable on conviction to a fine amounting $2,500, 6 months imprisonment. Any enquiry on BPP 2021, contact the number 223 0265 or 223 0250, or visit the website at ‘brucensus.gov.bn’.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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