As in other districts, Belait District was also busy organising the enrolment of pre-schoolers in a number of schools. This year, Belait District recorded the enrolment of 346 pre-school students at 16 schools. Yesterday morning, RTB's crew had the opportunity to take a closer look at Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran Muhammad Yusof Primary School in Seria, which saw the enrolment of 37 pre-school students this year.

Before starting their schooling, the pupils were required to undergo orientation, aimed at familiarising them with the school environment. Apart from that, the programme acted as preparation for the teachers to receive the new enrolments.

In the Tutong District, 371 pre-school pupils are starting school this year. At Perpindahan Kampung Bukit Beruang Dua Primary School, 43 new pre-school pupils started their schooling this year. According to the school's headmistress, various preparations have been made to accept the admission of new pupils such as briefing the parents and guardians as well as the Orientation Programme for pre-school pupils.

In Temburong District, 10 schools received 97 Pre-school pupils this year. Starting at the preschool level, pupils are applied with comprehensive development in preparation for them to continue their education to the next level. Apart from that, teachers also play an important role in educating pupils.

Source: Radio Television Brunei