Water supply to several areas including the Meragang National Housing Scheme, Tanah Jambu National Housing Scheme, Salambigar Industrial Park and surrounding areas are affected following a pipe leak at the Terunjing Water Tank.


Emergency repair works are ongoing. The Public Works Department has placed blue water tanks at several locations in the affected areas. At the Tanah Jambu National Housing Scheme, blue water tanks can be found at Jalan Binglu Tengah and Jalan Binglu Barat. Whereas in Meragang National Housing Scheme, the water tanks are placed at the RPN Meragang Recreational Park; Jalan Wasai Limuru Utara and Simpang 120, Jalan Wasai Limuru. The Public Works Department ensured that steps have been taken to tackle the issue and will restore water supply as soon as possible.


For water tank services, contact Talian Darussalam 123.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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