In the titah, His Majesty also touched on the emergence of the Zika virus that has hit a number of countries among them, neighbouring nations. His Majesty also observed that there is no strict advisories and effective action taken in facing the situation.

We from early on have only reminded the public not to be alarmed, whereas the number of Zika victims continues to increase in several destinations near us. I acknowledge that advice have been given such as the advice on how to prevent disease borne by mosquitoes but what can be seen is more on advice and slight follow-up action.

For example, the advice for environmental cleanliness is merely advice as action from the relevant parties themselves is slight and ineffective. The evidence is rubbish continues to be mismanaged, drains are still filled with rubbish and rivers also continue to be full of litter without being handled with efficacy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei