Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs are seen as the main driver of the country’s economy. Based on the small population size as compared to neighbouring countries, local SMEs are encouraged to expand and take advantage of the market size in ASEAN, as it is the third largest market in the world.

According to Dayang Norlela binti Suhailee, Manager of Darussalam Enterprise, DARE, in order to allow SMEs in seizing the opportunity, firstly they need to do research and make precise market evaluation for their product to ensure the sustainability of their business.

The ever-changing local market often made entrepreneurs to follow the latest business trends such as cubes. This requires entrepreneurs to identify and seize existing opportunities.

DARE is a platform that encouraged SMEs to share their issues on business related matters. To facilitate the local SMEs, DARE will continue work together with other government agencies to improve the ease of doing business. Through such initiative, the country’s aspiration to diversify its economy, and avoid relying heavily on oil and gas can be accomplish.

Source: Radio Television Brunei