The Zika epidemic is still the main topic of international concern towards public health, in view of a new development of the disease in the countries affected by the virus. Even though there has been no report of the Zika virus infection case in the country, the Ministry of Health continues to take precautionary measures in preventing, detecting and controlling any such infection in the country.

According to Doctor Hajah Wadi Hana binti Haji Sudin, Grade 1 Medical Officer of the Disease Control Section, Ministry of Health, during an interview with RTB, this morning, the Ministry of Health is always monitoring the development of the epidemic particularly in the neighbouring countries that have been affected by the disease, such as Singapore and Malaysia.

On the treatment, Doctor Hajah Wadi Hana said only supportive therapy can tackle the Zika disease if the symptoms of the infection are detected. Members of the public are advised not only to continue taking precautionary measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites, but also to cooperate in keeping the environment clean and free from the Aedes mosquitoes, carrier of the Zika virus.

Source: Radio Television Brunei