​Members of the public who miss or want to taste various types of kedayan ethnic cuisine, such as turmeric beef and rattan shoot vegetable, have the opportunity to taste or buy them at DAPOO Kedayan. DAPOO Kedayan operates at Jerudong Park Food Court, Jerudong Park Playground until this Sunday.  It is one of the attractions found in the JP KU CERIA Programme organised by Jerudong Park Country Club, JPCC Sendirian Berhad.


DAPOO Kedayan which opened to the public starting this afternoon is organised by the Kedayan Malay Association, PEMEDAYAN. Various types of kedayan authentic cuisine are cooked by the ethnic group. The Kedayan is one of the seven ethnic groups in the country. Like other ethnics, the Kedayan also inherited a variety of cuisines. Activities such as elevating Kedayan food during the JP KU CERIA programme will certainly be able to maintain other aspects such as the Kedayan speech and language itself.


Among the attractions in DAPOO Kedayan is the unique Nasi Katok Kedayan, with chicken or turmeric cooked Kedayan beef, sambal belacan and various types of side dishes. Unlike nasi katok which is commonly sold with fried chicken, simpur leaves are used as a wrapper for Nasi Katok Kedayan. In addition, PEMEDAYAN also shares artifacts from their ancestral heritage such as the original wooden kitchen and the copper pot used for cooking in ancient times. The public is welcome to visit DAPOO Kedayan which operates from 10.00 in the morning to 9.00 in the evening until this Sunday. The JP KU CERIA programme is planned to be held every Sunday in the month of September with a different theme each week.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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