Creating a positive learning environment at home and setting goals to complete schoolwork or homework at a specific time are among the steps that can increase student motivation during online learning sessions at home. According to Doctor Hajah Halimaturradiah binti Dato Seri Setia Haji Metussin, lecturer at Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA, online learning require students’ high discipline as well as strong support and encouragement from parents. In addition, students also need to plan their time at home accordingly.


Doctor Hajah Halimaturradiah said students must set their own schedule for online classes or learning sessions. They must set a break time after an intensive session. As a self-appreciation, students can give a reward to themselves for achieving the goals. In addition to that, parents must be flexible to the children.


Doctor Hajah Halimaturradiah also advised educators to always give motivational words to students before starting the learning session so that students do not feel alone during online learning.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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