BANGKOK, Nov. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — COJETAGE (, the innovative platform that allows users to book private jet seats from 300USD only online, announced today its partnership with Advance Aviation Jet, one of Asia’s leading private jet companies. Advance Aviation, well known for the quality of its services and its flights to popular destinations like Phuket, Bangkok or Singapore, will offer COJETAGE customers flight options across Asia.


COJETAGE, that aims to democratize private jet and help aircraft operators reduce the volume of empty legs (i.e. flights that do not carry any passengers), has set up partnership with more than 20 operators mostly in Europe but also in the US, Africa and now in Asia. "For customers, empty legs can be a really competitive option. It is just slightly more expensive than commercial flight but grants a luxury experience," says Antoine Blanc, director of operations. "Flying on empty legs allows you to fly for 80% cheaper than on regular private jet charter flights."

These available empty leg seats will provide more affordable private air options to a new generation of connected customers. "Internet and mobile apps are changing the way people consume, as they provide consumers with instant solutions at their fingertips. Private jets should not be any different," explains Ms. Punyisa Chaisong, Customer Service Manager of Advance Aviation Jet.

In addition, in order to improve its inventory of real-time empty legs, COJETAGE team has developed a free comprehensive platform for real-time private airline management, called OPENJET. "Our platform is better than conventional expensive private jet management software platforms like Leon, Skyops or Fl3xx, and includes powerful optimization algorithms. And while competitors typically cost several thousands dollars per year for standard features, OPENJET is free with a range of customization options available," explains Frederic Bourbigot, CTO of the team.

The OPENJET and COJETAGE teams will be available at Dubai MEBA private aviation conference in December to meet Asian and Middle East operators.

More info:
OPENJET/COJETAGE:, +33-781522843
Advance Aviation:, +66(0)85-9141414

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