Closed Tender of Vehicle Registration Number

The Closed Tender of Vehicle Registration Number, VRN for 3 and 4 digit BBD series will be available through NomborKu - Click-and-Bid from 24th January 2023.

The Land Transport Department, LTD in its press release informed that the tender will be available fully online through the Nomborku website as indicated. Within the period, all 3 and 4 digit VRN for BBD series, that is from BBD 100 to BBD 9999 will be available for bidding.

In the meantime, the public is advised to ensure an active email address along with payment card, namely debit card or credit card for payment of $25 service fee for each tender for online transaction. For more information, contact, visit LTD's website, number, email and media social as indicated.

Source: Radio Television Brunei