The Civic Village Programme is a platform to produce competitive and innovative graduates, as well as improving one’s skill and potential towards achieving the Nation’s Vision 2035. The programme can also strengthen the Bruneian self-identity and instil patriotism based on the Malay Islamic Monarchy concept, apart from acting as a medium to disseminate information on the government and the nation.

This was stated by the Acting Director of Information during the Civic Village Programme for Brunei Darussalam graduates.

According to Awang Mawardi bin Haji Mohammad, the programme offers the participants the opportunity to enrich themselves with the information, knowledge, skills and experience that will enable them to face any challenges.

14 graduates from within the country and overseas are taking part in the programme. Several activities and briefings have been arranged for the 6-day programme. The programme among others aimed to cultivate the spirit of nationhood, apart from providing the opportunity for discussions and understanding of the current needs for the development of the nation.

Source: Radio Television Brunei