China Initiates Regulation on AI-Generated Content Online

BEIJING – China is set to introduce guidelines requiring websites to label artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content, as part of efforts to regulate the burgeoning AI sector, reported the state-run Global Times.

According to Philippines News Agency, The country’s cyberspace regulator will spearhead a campaign to oversee AI-generated content on the internet, focusing on curbing illegal accounts that exploit generative or synthetic algorithm technologies for rumor-mongering and creating marketing buzz. The move is aligned with China’s call for the high-quality development of AI to support children’s mental health and safeguard their rights.

During the 55th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Ambassador Chen Xu, China’s permanent representative to the UN office in Geneva, delivered a joint statement on behalf of 80 countries. He emphasized the importance of embracing a consultative approach to AI development, advocating for joint construction and shared benefits. Chen underscored the significant role of AI in the lives of the new generation of children and stressed the necessity for fairness, inclusiveness, and international cooperation. He called for the global community to work together in bridging the intelligence gap and enhancing the governance of AI, respecting national sovereignty, laws, and diverse cultural backgrounds in the process.