Early detection on the symptoms of breast cancer and practising a healthy lifestyle are the main key for women to reduce the risks of getting breast cancer. In this regard, the Ministry of Health through the Health Promotion Centre with collaboration from the Brunei Cancer Centre, Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre and Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group have organised the Breast Cancer Awareness Forum 2019 in conjunction with this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at the Ministry of Development, yesterday afternoon.

Present was Insinyur Dayang Hajah Siti Aidah Binti Haji Mohammad, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Construction Industry and Development Sector at the Ministry of Development. In her welcoming speech, Doctor Hajah Norol-Ehsan binti Haji Abdul Hamid, Senior Medical Officer, Health Promotion Centre said that among all types of cancer, breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women in the country. It is estimated that 1 out of 16 women in the country will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. In 2018, 133 breast cancer cases were recorded by the Ministry of Health, where the majority are among women aged 40 to 60. However, younger women at the age of 27 have also been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. Breast cancer was also diagnosed among men in the past 10 years where the Brunei Breast Cancer Registry have reported 10 breast cancer cases.

The event continued with a forum entitled, ‘Early Symptom Detection Can Save Your Life!’ discussed by three panelists. The forum also discussed on the findings from the Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Unit at the Ministry of Health, which estimated that the lifespan of a breast cancer patient is 92.2 percent longer with early detection, compared to patients who received treatment at the final stage, at 21.4 percent.

Source: Radio Television Brunei