The Brunei Neuroscience, Stroke Rehabilitation Centre (BNSRC) introduced a new programme designed for elderly stroke outpatients called ‘Bintang Hati’ with an outing activity held at the Jerudong Park Food Court yesterday.

Among the aims of the programme was to create a suitable environment for patients to improve and maintain their social interaction, to apply new life skills, to encourage them to participate in community while maintaining and optimising physical function in order to improve their quality of life.

Currently there are 61 outpatients participating in the ‘Bintang Hati’ programme which are divided into four groups to complete over eight sessions in a period of seven months. At the end of the programme, the patients will have the opportunity to participate in the outing similar to yesterday.

This year the group decided to hold the outing at the Jerudong Park Food Court where the patients had the opportunity to apply skills that they have learnt and practiced from the programme in a practical way.

The outing yesterday also enables patients to socialise with their group and family members. Many patients, carers and family members, see the programme as a form of support, since they are able to share their life experiences with one another after surviving stroke.

One patient commented, “For future outings, I would like to go to the park, go swimming and attend activities similar to a Family Day event. Meanwhile, another patient said that the outing activity was really good to help expose patients to the community and decrease the boring and stress emotions at home.”

Vivian Tie, Head of Rehab Department of BNSRC was previous quoted, “With the support of the occupational therapists and other rehabilitative staff, this outing gives patients the opportunity to practise their skills learnt in the eight weeks Bintang Hati programme within a real environment.”

“It enables them to participate within community and it also gives them a chance to socialise with the other patients and with their families. In addition to the physical benefits, the psychological benefit obtained from such an activity is very important to these patients.”

There are two days selected for the outing to suit the availability for family members and carers which was held on September 5 and yesterday. Patients were assisted by trained Occupational Therapists and Rehab Assistants to order food and beverage over the counter.

After enjoying their meals, all members took part in therapeutic group games before taking a memorable group picture to conclude the programme.