Aside from the government, parents also play a very important role in an effort to curb drug-related issues within the community. This was among the matters stressed during a briefing for the ‘Awasi Anak Kitani’ or Supervise Our Children programme organised by the Information Department in collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau. The programme was held at the Kampung Bukit Beruang community hall in Tutong.

During the briefing, Dayang Hajah Norhayani Binti Abdullah, a Narcotics officer from the Narcotics Control Bureau stressed about the dangers and harmful effects of drugs. She added that the misuse of drugs among the country’s community continues to be worrying and therefore, must be dealt with seriously. Aside from that, the NCB also shared information with parents on how to deal with children who have fallen victim to the unhealthy activity. Various efforts have also been actively implemented to stem drug-misuse activities especially among youth, who are seen as the country’s assets. Among those present were Awang Haji Idris Bin Haji Ali, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Awang Haji Adnan Bin Haji Adam, Acting Tutong District officer.

According to the Second Chief Narcotics Officer from the Drug Prevention Education branch, the programme introduces to parents the dangers of drugs, the various types of drugs, their effects, and the types of utensils used, which will help them in monitoring their children’s’ activities and prevent them from being involved in the misuse of drugs.

During the programme, parents also gained exposure on drug-misuse issues through exhibitions set up by the Information Department and the NCB. The programme is hoped to increase the awareness of parents and guardians on preventive measures and on how to control their children from being involved in drug-related issues. Several parents and guardians meanwhile, shared their views on the issue of drug misuse.

Source: Radio Television Brunei