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Ample ocean harvest helps ease price pressures in Palawan

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in Palawan on Friday reported that headline inflation in the province slowed down to 6.9 percent in April, compared to its 9.0 percent surge the previous month. In a live-streamed press briefing, Maria Lalaine Rodriguez, PSA chief statistical specialist in Palawan, reported that the easing of price pressures was especially apparent in this capital city. She said inflation here decelerated to 4.6 percent last month, compared to its 5.9 percent level in March. Rodriguez mostly attributed the province's lower inflation figures to the good performance of both the agriculture and fisheries sector, which recently reaped ample harvests. It noted that the recent lifting of a locally-enforced fishing ban on several marine species, including galunggong (mackerel scad), contributed positively to Palawan's food production, thus, easing food inflation. For her part, statistical analyst Delia Eleazar reported that food inflation in April dove to 5.0 percent, from a two-digit high of 17.3 percent the month before. 'Food inflation in March was really high. One factor for this was poor fish harvest due to climate change, which caused strong winds in the ocean, making it unfavorable for fishing activities,' she said in Filipino.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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