As part of efforts to unite village communities through programmes that bring positive effects to mindset and create an active, progressive and resilient generation, the Kampung Kiudang Village Consultative Council yesterday held the Al-Hijrah Kampungku or The Migration of My Village programme. It was held in conjunction with the new year of Hijrah 1438.

Al-Hijrah Kampungku encompassed a cleaning campaign, other health and social activities as well as visits to homes in the area. The programme was launched with the signing of Al-Hijrah Kampungku poster by Orang Kaya Maha Bijaya Awang Haji Othman bin Uking.

The villagers also participated in a 3.5-kilometre ‘jalan santai’ or leisure walk. They also collected garbage, cut grass and cleaned drains along the roads that included Jalan Kuala Abang, Jalan Kecil Mungkom and Jalan Kecil Kiudang. Such social and voluntary activities can help transform villages into cheerful, attractive, clean communities that are also free of mosquito-borne diseases such the zika virus infection, dengue and others. The Secretary of Kampung Kiudang Village Consultative Council expressed the hope that such activities would also led to the village community in a Hijrah or migration towards better and more positive progress.

Source: Radio Television Brunei