Photography has become a hobby to many regardless of age or gender. The emergence of smart phones and social also play an important role in the development of the increasingly popular hobby.

In a world filled with highly advanced technology, various ways or methods can be used to capture photos easily and quickly. But how can one capture an epic photo? According to Awang Haji Yusop bin Mohammad Yassin, the first place winner of Industry category for the Photography Contest 2019 organised by the Borneo Bulletin, a new photographer or someone who is keen to venture into photography needs to learn the basics of the art. This is to ensure that one can understand the art of photography better and therefore capture great masterpieces.

Meanwhile, Awang Hassanal bin Sulaiman or better known as Adam Hague hoped to further enhance his skills in photography. The first place winner in the Sports and Food category highlighted that gaining popularity in social media is not the main priority.

Awang Haji Rafieh bin Haji Mumin, who was in third in the Community and Culture category for the Photography Contest 2019 organised by Borneo Bulletin, said capturing photography is not merely a hobby, but also to record memories for himself.

Source: Radio Television Brunei