Islam encourages the ummah to always increase their efforts in performing religious deeds and charity. Islam also calls on the ummah to always seek Halal sustenance to meet their needs in life either for oneself or for their dependents. Among the sources of sustenance that can be explored include agriculture and fisheries. This was among the content of yesterday's Friday Sermon titled 'Diversifying the Country's Economy Through Agriculture and Fisheries'.

According to the Imam or prayer leader, within the Wawasan Brunei 2035, one of the country's aspiration is to diversify the economy so it does not fully depend on oil and gas output. In today's situation where unemployment is often mentioned and discussed, it is the perfect time for job seekers to respond to the calls of the Monarch in diversifying the country's economy, and be involved in fisheries and agricultural activities. Being involved in such activities can help to reduce dependency on imports from overseas, and at the same time ensure the country's food security.

Source: Radio Television Brunei