Today's younger generation are more familiar with technological development advancements, which in turn results in them being less knowledgeable about Brunei Darussalam's traditional heritage such as traditional musical instruments. This is one of the main factors for youth to produce innovative and high-tech products in finding a solution to the problem. Using a mobile phone application to play traditional musical instruments, was one of the initiatives to preserve the heritage of Brunei traditional instruments in line with the oncoming wave of modernization. Faralisa Zulfikri has the report.

Muhammad Siraj Munir bin Ahmad created the 'Gulintangan Kitani' mobile phone application based on his past experience using existing music applications. Muhammad Siraj Munir, a 2017 Graduate of Universiti Teknologi Brunei, said the initial aim of creating the application or app was to introduce Brunei traditional musical instruments to the younger generation and public.

Through the application, users can play Gulintangan using their mobile phones. Not only that, the user can also find out about the history and function of gulintangan, the characteristics of the instruments and the songs that are usually played according to tradition and ceremony. Brunei Darussalam's government supports this initiative and through the Ministry of Culture, Youths and Sports, Awang Siraj Munir took part in a one-week Virtual Reality course in Kuala Lumpur to further expand the ideas for his app.

A number of the app's users stated that the application is user-friendly and easy to use anywhere.

According to Awang Siraj Munir, the application is just a starting point. He will continue to develop the idea and improve the application before it can be used by the public. It is hoped that the country's youth can continue to come up with not only innovative ideas but also highly innovative products that can contribute to the nation and society. Faralisa Zulfikri reporting for RTB news.

Source: Radio Television Brunei