Personal health is very valuable but not a lot of people is aware about it until their health is affected. Many do not know the importance of healthy eating in order to have good health. A balanced diet is the intake of sufficient nutrients for your body. By practicing healthy eating into daily life, it can lead to excellent growth for your body. Infact, it may help to control the percentage of obesity in the society. Faralisa Zulfikri has the report.

One of the main aspects of a balanced diet is that human need to consume a certain amount of nutritious food for their bodies. By applying a healthy diet in our lives, it can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. According to Siti Munawwarah Awang Tarif, a Health Education Officer at the Health Promotion Centre, society needs to practice a balanced diet containing nutrition's such as carbohydrates, proteins, iron, vitamins and minerals. One must also consume food in moderation as per Islamic teachings.

Siti Alai Shazrinah Haji Shazali, the co-owner of Fueldbn, which is an express takeaway of healthy food, provides their customers with a variety of nutritious food so that the customers can make their own choices from the listed menu.

The practice of consuming a healthy meal should start from the home and would be more beneficial if it begins at a young age so that it can lead to a healthy lifestyle. In preparing a balanced diet, moderation and a variety of food are the keys towards influencing your healthy eating principle. Faralisa Zulfikri reporting for RTB News.

Source: Radio Television Brunei