Without realising it, we are now coming towards the final few days of Ramadan. Among the final nights is one where the Muslim ummah is bestowed a night full of specialties, a night of Allah's rewards which is the night of Lailatul Qadar. Lailatul Qadar is a secret that is only known by Allah Subhanahu Wa' Ta'aala.

The finding of Lailatul Qadar in the final ten nights of Ramadan is the focus of Muslims throughout the world, who are also encouraged to continue enhancing religious deeds. Blessings will be multiplied by carrying out religious acts on the final nights of Ramadan which also has a multitude of value as the blessings and rewards from the religious deeds carried out as mentioned in the Quran as being better than one thousand months.

Among the religious acts that can be carried out include performing Tarawih and witir prayers. Tarawih prayers also continue to glorify mosques, suraus and religious halls nationwide. Muslims are also urged to enhance religious deeds to Allah SWT by increasing performing sunat or commendable prayers, reading Al Quran, doa or supplications and zikir, performing tahmid and qiamulail full of faith and piety to Allah.

Also in the month of Ramadan, the practise of alms-fiving, either small or large, a lot or a little is a noble practise that is encouraged by Islam and promises a multitude of huge rewards. The practise of alms-giving not only expresses gratefulness towards the blessings of Allah S.W.T, but also prevents one from being stingy. The arrival of Ramadan is only once a year and there is no guarantee that we will be able to meet the next Ramadan. Therefore, we must together grab this opportunity well by enhancing religious deeds as well as act in piety in the name of Allah S.W.T in these final days of Ramadan.

Source: Radio Television Brunei