Statistics given by the Fire and Rescue Department in the last 3 years, show an increase in calls related to house and building fires. The Acting Assistant Technical Director and Head of Fire Safety Division of the Fire and Rescue Department shared the matter during the "Fire Safety Joint Media Conference In Conjunction With Hari Raya Aidil Fitri With The Electrical Services Department and Brunei Shell Marketing Company".

Senior Fire and Rescue Superintendent, Nohi Irwan Surkarki bin Pawi explained it is believed house and building fires are caused by electrical faults, unattended cooking and garden fires, loose or leaked gas hoses, children playing with fires, lit cigarette butts and left burning candles.

The Fire and Rescue Department says house and building fires will continue to increase if the community does not give serious attention to the dangers of fires and safety aspects. It is hoped the community will be fully responsible and involved in maintaining the well-being of the family, neighbours, village and country in reducing the number of fires annually.

Source: Radio Television Brunei