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472 Dinagat Workers Return from South Korea with Advanced Farming Knowledge

Dinagat Islands, Philippines – A group of 472 seasonal workers from the Dinagat Islands has returned home after a six-month work and study program in South Korea, bringing with them new agricultural and fishery technologies. Governor Nilo Demerey Jr. celebrated their return in a recent awarding ceremony, hailing them as the "new heroes of the province."

According to Philippines News Agency, the workers' remittances have significantly contributed to the local economy. The workers spent time in Pyeongchang County and Sokcho and Yeongwol provinces in South Korea, where they not only worked in farms and fisheries but also learned modern farming and fishing techniques. This program, facilitated through a memorandum of understanding signed last year, represents a collaborative effort between the Dinagat provincial government, the local government of Pyeongchang County, and the Provincial Board Members League of the Philippines. Demerey highlighted the provincial government's commitment to working with these workers to apply their newfound knowledge in Dinagat, focusing on empowering local farmers and fishermen through international exposure and knowledge exchange. Looking ahead, approximately 3,000 seasonal workers from the province are expected to travel to South Korea next year for similar work and study opportunities.

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