Life will be much happier when one knows Allah SWT more deeply and is closer to the Almighty. Muslims should prioritise Allah in their life and feel the closeness of His love towards his servants. This matter was among the content of the Religious talk titled 'Allah Sayang Kita' or Allah loves us, which was held yesterday afternoon at Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah in Kampong Kiarong. More than one thousand people attended the talk.

The talk was delivered by Ebit Liew Irawan bin Abrahim Liew, an invited speaker from Malaysia. Ebit Liew highlighted that as His Servant, it is an obligation to know Allah SWT. He added, as a servant, we must increase the feeling of gratefulness for Allah's blessings. One of the way to gain the Almighty's love is to perform solat or prayer. The talk also underlined the important of preserving love with the family members especially parents. The talk in commemoration of the holy month of Ramadhan is among the Da'wah Academy activity and organised by the Youth Da'ie, Islamic Da'wah Centre.

Source: Radio Television Brunei