The "Ramadhan Basket" project is an initiative of the Projek Bina Ukhwah in collaboration with shopping centres in the country, which provides opportunities for the customers to shop while being charitable by purchasing basic necessities.

Shopping centres taking part in the initiative provides a special box for customers to keep the contributed purchases. The Ramadhan Basket project is hoped to promote a culture of shopping while being charitable, whereby the customers who are shopping are given a unique opportunity to contribute basic necessities while shopping.

Meanwhile, for shopping centres taking part in the Ramadan Basket project, it acts as an opportunity to be charitable in Ramadan and together helping less fortunate families.

Members of the public wishing to contribute basic necessities such as rice, sugar, drinks, dry foods, and others through the Ramadhan Basket, can do so until the 17th of May at participating shops or supermarkets. The contribution will be distributed to some 100 less fortunate families in the country through the list of families given by the Brunei Islamic Religious Council, MUIB and the Community Development Department, JAPEM through another Jelajah Ramadan project.

Source: Radio Television Brunei