Fasting during the month of Ramadan is the best practise in beginning the step in balancing the body towards optimum health. The matter was shared in the talk entitled "Manfaat Berpuasa Untuk Kesihatan" or Benefits of Fasting for Health during the Closing Ceremony of the Health and Safety Week, MKK, Public Works Department.

Present was Awang Haji Marzuke Bin Haji Mohsin, Deputy Minister of Development. Doctor Andas Haji Ismuhadi bin Haji Abdullah, Lecturer at the Islamic Da'wah Centre in the talk stressed on fasting being able to act as a starting point for those wishing to shape a balanced and healthy diet through strict discipline. He added that the health benefits from fasting itself will be jeopardised if the eating habits and appetite is not properly controlled.

Source: Radio Television Brunei