The Braille, Orientation and Mobility Workshop for secondary school students, Differently-abled students, OKU, parents and religious teachers has achieved its goal to give exposure to participants on the use of Braille as an 'eye' for the visually-impaired individuals and to enhance their self-confidence to come forward.

The 15-day workshop was attended by around 50 participants. The workshop includes a number of modules such as the introduction to Braille, the functions of Braille machine functions and the method of using them. The workshop is organized by the Department of Community Development (JAPEM) with the cooperation of the Special Education Unit, Ministry of Education; the Special Education Unit of the Islamic Studies Department, the Ophthamology Department, Ministry of Health and Brunei Darussalam National Association of the Blind, as well as student volunteers from University Technology Brunei. According to the facilitator, parents and guardians have a commitment to assist their children's learning throughout the workshop.

Apart from the Roman alphabet and Jawi Braille workshop, participants were also taught the orientation and mobility techniques for the visually-impaired, both theoretically and practically. A practical session using White Cane was held at one of the shopping malls in Gadong. The training is in line with the purpose of the workshop to increase independence of the visually-impaired students as well as to make the public aware of their existence.

Training in public places also teaches the Differently-abled, OKU students to be independent. The participants shared their experience and challenges during the practical session.

The experience of participating in the workshop also increases the participants' awareness on the shortcomings faced by the OKU students. The religious teachers who attended the workshop also shared their experiences.

The Braille, Orientation and Mobility Workshop will resume another four sessions until October this year. Dk Mumtazah Pg Hj Md Jaafar reporting for RTB News.

Source: Radio Television Brunei