The 'Twinning Water Village' program between Brunei Darussalam and Sabah has established a twinning water village between the two countries through similarities in spoken language, culture and lifestyle. The program is a project of Second Semester Public Relations Students at the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, University Malaysia Sabah, UMS who are on a visit to the country.

Over 50 students from UMS including 6 Brunei Darussalam students studying at the University made a visit to the country. The visit aimed to carry out the second phase works by making a visit to Kampong Tamoi. Before this, the students completed the first phase of the project which was a visit to Kampung Air Weston, Beaufort, Sabah on the 10th of April.

Apart from training the students in managing the project and works specifically skills in public relations, the 'Twinning Water Village' programme has further strengthened relations between the water village communities in Sabah and Brunei Darussalam, to establish a twinning water village. As in Kampong Air Weston, the students got to know the culture and life activity of the residents, which were not too different from the lifestyle of the country's Kampong Ayer residents from the aspect of spoken language, traditions and culture, traditional food as well as daily activities.

Source: Radio Television Brunei